Save a pot today!

I love to thrift shop, go to flea markets and yard sale. To find that special something and get it at a bargain does wonders for my morale.

My kitchen is always “in need” of something to help me along my culinary adventures. I enjoy searching for items that appeal to my sense of esthetic.

Sometimes those pieces may not look initially appealing, but with some hard work and the right tools, they will become a useful item once again.

Case in point, I needed another lasagna pan. I had been relying on foil pans but was getting weary of wasting money. I was excited when I came across this AnchorWare glassware.

Ugly right?  My daughter wasn’t keen on it. but I said nope  I am getting it.

So to get it up to par I soaked in hot soapy water (used Dawn detergent). After an overnight soak, I used a scrubber and baking soda to clean up, and scrubbed with a brillo pad on the stubborn parts and rinsed. Then I did another soak of  weak water/bleach solution mixture to disinfect. Rinsed several times. And there you have a pan good as new and lasagna ready.



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