Make Your Own Mason Jar Tumbler Lid – Tutorial

Cheapista is my name and being cheap is my game! I could not imagine paying the price for a mason jar cover with a convenient straw hole. Even the ones that are reasonably priced have a high cost for shipping. That left me on a hunt for a cheaper way to get what I wanted.

If you are cheap like me or just a total DIY buff then here ya go!


Mason Jar


Drill Bit 5/8″

Metal/Wire Cutters

Rubber Grommet 3/8″ ID (Inside Diameter)


Step 1:

Mark where you want your straw to be placed, some may like it in the center, but others might like it closer to the edge.

Step 2:

Drill your hole and cut off metal hangings, be careful because they are sharp.

Step 3:

Put your rubber grommet in place, again do this with caution because the metal is sharp.

Step 4:

Insert Straw and drink up!

Tip – Rubber grommets can be found in most hardware stores and can be purchased at a discount via ebay. I bought my grommets at Lowe’s, they came in a pack of 2 for $1.04. They are in the same section as the screws in a draw labeled hard to find.



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