Potatoes at midnight

It was late, very late and I was starving. My day had been very busy with my family and doing a storage unit clean-out. So there I was splayed on the sofa debating whether I should make my way upstairs or makes a pitstop to the kitchen first.

My stomach won out. But now what to fix? I didn’t have the energy to do something too complicated but wanted more then a pbj. As I foraged through the freezer I came across two forlorn pierogies in a freezer bag, and got happy feet!

I put those babies in a pan added some water and steamed. I then added a bit of olive oil and onions and sautéed until the onions were caramelized and the pierogies brown and crispy. At the last minute I tossed in a handful of spring mix and about two tablespoons of pesto and ended up with this filling delight. Midnight potatoes, that hit the spot in the best kind of way.


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