Pretty mason jar lids-Tutorial

I came across a clever idea on Pinterest to re-use the pour spouts from juice cartons on mason jars and knew I had to give it a shot.

Although there were no instructions noted, It was pretty easy to figure out.

Click on a picture to see instructions. If you look carefully you will see one of my son’s running by (that happened a lot, LOL)

To use for storage you would keep the metal lid on, to drink remove the metal lid to. Great it worked! But something was missing. The label, well it just wasn’t pretty. And I like pretty, so I decided to gussy it up a bit using some patterned paper I had on hand.

Click on any picture for instructions.

I will try the salt shaker top, as that is a very neat idea too! Look here Mason jar w/salt shaker top . Mason jars, who doesn’t love them! What has been your latest mason jar project?


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