There’s an app for that – Stay Hydrated

Seeing as how our bodies are predominantly made up of water and we would die without drinking it, I’d say that water is a very important addition to each day.

Do you have a hard time drinking the suggested 8-10 glasses of water each day?

If so, there is an iPhone app just for you called Daily Water.

Daily Water is a free iPhone app that will remind you to drink water. It has some great customizable features allowing you to set what size glass you would like to drink and lets you set your own goal of how many glasses a day to drink. You can also schedule reminders that will pop up to remind you that it’s time to drink a glass of water. After drinking you water you click on the glass to add a check mark keeping a tally of how much water you drank for the day. The history from each day gets saved and can be viewed in a bar graph format.

I really enjoy having this app on my phone and suggest it to anyone who has some trouble drinking their Daily Water.


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