10 Day Vibrant Living Cleanse: Day 1

I got off to a great start this morning since the oatmeal was ready in the crock pot upon getting up.  The apples smell wafted up quickly to my nose once the lid was removed.  I was anxious to dig in.  This was my first time having steel cut oats and it has a hearty flavor. The oatmeal  was greatly mellowed out  with the added ingredients of coconut sugar, almond milk and cinnamon. After eating my fill there was still enough for my son (Also know as the King of hot cereal) to enjoy.

Since I was out  running errands, I had my mid-morning boost a bit later then expected.  The Cherry Blaster Smoothie was worth the wait!

Lunch was Guacamole Lettuce Boats. This was a simple avocado salad over red lettuce leaves with green peppers and onions. The mashed avocado was mixed with lemon juice, garlic and sea salt.  I love avocado, so this was a win-win meal for me.

Brownie Balls, tightly packed with crushed walnuts, cacao and other delights made for a delectable afternoon snack.

Spicy chili filled the dinner plate, chunk full of of black beans, tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, mushrooms and celery and a nice combo of spices. It was so flavorful, and i ate two bowls.

In addition to all this food, it was suggested we drink at least 3 liters of water. I managed to consume about two (yay me!) and still have to have my herbal tea before bed.

Overall the day went well, I never felt hunger and was energetic. Let’s see what day two brings.




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