Are you a fat burner?

fat burnMost of the people that I know are overweight and want to lose the extra pounds. I know from personal experience that it is a constant battle. The normal remedy for this is diet and exercise, but the question remains what kind of diet and what kind of exercise?

After years of trying and quitting I started trying and researching. I learned that the more knowledgeable you are in how the body works and uses energy then the easier it becomes to make good decisions. 

What if I told you that you never had to count a calorie or starve yourself again? All you have to do is eat more healthy fats and veggies, it really is that simple! Decrease carbs and increase fats. Get out of the rut and out of the clutch of fad diets, put your health on track and keep it there by becoming a fat burner.

Here are some great articles, read them and start your transformations from sugar burner to fat burner.

Be a Fat Burner –

What Does It Mean to Be Fat-Adapted? –

21 Day Challenge: Transition From Sugar Burner to Fat Burner Metabolism –


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