Thrifted Craft Supplies – Buying Fabric

thrift storeCrafting can get pretty expensive, my motto is always check your thrift store first. If you don’t succeed at the thrift store then go online and print a coupon for your local craft store. If you don’t need to make the purchase right away then go a step further by waiting for a sale.

You first need to get acquainted with the prices at your local fabric stores, this will help you to know if you are really getting a deal.

Beyond price you get the bonus potential of finding vintage fabrics. In the thrift store you can usually find a section set aside just for fabric. Don’t expect every visit to be a success, expect to find some things that are just not worth buying. Save your money and spend  when you see fabric that you have been looking for or fabric that just speaks to you.

If your thrift store doesn’t have a section for fabric then browse the sheet and curtain sections because sometimes fabric will be hidden in the racks, or you may come across a vintage patterned sheet or curtain that just fits your style. Re-purposing old sheets and curtains is fun and a good way to be frugally green!

Discount days are great for fabric hunts because even if something seems overpriced it may end up being a great deal once they take off the discount. 


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