Krazy 4 Jerky giveaway!

Welcome to the Krazy 4 Jerky Krave Jerky Giveaway Hosted by: The Herban Couponer Sponsored by: Krave Jerky Cohosted by: Living Frugal in GA and The Frugal Domestic A special thank you goes out to our Sponsor and Co-Hosts.  Please kindly visit their pages above. Live a cut above. With amazingly unique and savory flavors,  […]

Cauliflower pizza with kale and red onions

My husband loves pizza, but unfortunately it doesn’t bode well for him when he eats it. He asked me if I would make him one from scratch, and I was eager to find something suitable. I did find some gluten free dough recipes, but was really excited to find this Cauliflower Pizza recipe over at […]

10 Day Vibrant Living Cleanse: Day 1

I got off to a great start this morning since the oatmeal was ready in the crock pot upon getting up.  The apples smell wafted up quickly to my nose once the lid was removed.  I was anxious to dig in.  This was my first time having steel cut oats and it has a hearty […]

Starting another cleanse

I am getting ready to start another cleanse over at Grounded Nutrition. It is a 10 Day Vibrant Living Cleanse. I want to start off fasting the month of Ramadan with a clear mind, clean body and new lifestyle changes firmly planted insha’allah (God Willing). A restart physically and emotionally is a much needed burst of good that I […]