Thrifted Craft Supplies – Buying Fabric

Crafting can get pretty expensive, my motto is always check your thrift store first. If you don’t succeed at the thrift store then go online and print a coupon for your local craft store. If you don’t need to make the purchase right away then go a step further by waiting for a sale. You […]

Are you a fat burner?

Most of the people that I know are overweight and want to lose the extra pounds. I know from personal experience that it is a constant battle. The normal remedy for this is diet and exercise, but the question remains what kind of diet and what kind of exercise? After years of trying and quitting […]

Homemade Red Pepper Hummus

I really enjoy eating hummus. It’s an awesome dip as well as an alternative to salad dressing. My wholesale grocer carries Sabra brand hummus and I usually buy 1-2 containers a month at about $5 each. That was find with me until I came across this post on facebook. What?! Not my hummus, nothing is […]

DIY – How to Make Almond Milk

Almond milk is one of the great nut milks and is an awesome addition to any smoothie. If you prefer to stay away from the store bought, factory processed nut milks, or you just want to save some coins then you can make your own. Supplies: Blender/food processor Mason Jar for soaking nuts and storage […]

There’s an app for that – Stay Hydrated

Seeing as how our bodies are predominantly made up of water and we would die without drinking it, I’d say that water is a very important addition to each day. Do you have a hard time drinking the suggested 8-10 glasses of water each day? If so, there is an iPhone app just for you […]

Kid Friendly Healthy Snacks

When its time for meal planning the hardest part for me is coming up with kid friendly healthy Snacks. This week I have 3 Recipes that have caught my eye and provided the inspiration I needed. Coconut Pineapple Ice Cream White Bean Vanilla Cake Raw Cookie Dough Bites Shopping List: 1 Pinapple 1 Can Coconut […]

Make Your Own Mason Jar Tumbler Lid – Tutorial

Cheapista is my name and being cheap is my game! I could not imagine paying the price for a mason jar cover with a convenient straw hole. Even the ones that are reasonably priced have a high cost for shipping. That left me on a hunt for a cheaper way to get what I wanted. […]

Morning Vitamin – Kid Friendly Smoothie Recipe

In order to bring your kids over to the green smoothie side you first have to get them accustomed to drinking great tasting smoothies made with fresh ingredients. This will make them more comfortable when trying a smoothie that is green in color. Drop those flinstone vitamins and get those little hands wrapped around a […]

Cauliflower Rice w/Guacamole

There was a head of cauliflower in my fridge and I had no clue what to do with it. I thought about making some faux potato salad, but I didn’t feel like slathering the healthy goodness with a bunch of mayo. I ended up finding some awesome inspiration. I found a recipe for Spanish Rice […]