Are you a fat burner?

Most of the people that I know are overweight and want to lose the extra pounds. I know from personal experience that it is a constant battle. The normal remedy for this is diet and exercise, but the question remains what kind of diet and what kind of exercise? After years of trying and quitting […]

10 Day Vibrant Living Cleanse: Day 1

I got off to a great start this morning since the oatmeal was ready in the crock pot upon getting up.  The apples smell wafted up quickly to my nose once the lid was removed.  I was anxious to dig in.  This was my first time having steel cut oats and it has a hearty […]

Starting another cleanse

I am getting ready to start another cleanse over at Grounded Nutrition. It is a 10 Day Vibrant Living Cleanse. I want to start off fasting the month of Ramadan with a clear mind, clean body and new lifestyle changes firmly planted insha’allah (God Willing). A restart physically and emotionally is a much needed burst of good that I […]

There’s an app for that – Stay Hydrated

Seeing as how our bodies are predominantly made up of water and we would die without drinking it, I’d say that water is a very important addition to each day. Do you have a hard time drinking the suggested 8-10 glasses of water each day? If so, there is an iPhone app just for you […]

Almost raw journey: Easy green juice

Of course green juices are a staple for any one who juices. It helps reduce those sugar cravings, hydrates very well, supplies protein. Many of these benefits comes from the chlorophyll in the green food juiced. Chlorophyll is like a super hero! All I know is that I love green juices and the never-ending combinations that […]