Summertime Spaghetti AKA “Blow your MIND” Tomato Basil Pasta

I am a recipe lover. I pin constantly. I can’t count how many delights I have liked on Facebook. I savor cookbooks from the library.  I shamelessly take pictures of riveting recipes that catch my eye, when thumbing through magazines while in the grocery aisle. How many do I actually execute? Quite a few actually. So […]

Homemade Red Pepper Hummus

I really enjoy eating hummus. It’s an awesome dip as well as an alternative to salad dressing. My wholesale grocer carries Sabra brand hummus and I usually buy 1-2 containers a month at about $5 each. That was find with me until I came across this post on facebook. What?! Not my hummus, nothing is […]

Cauliflower pizza with kale and red onions

My husband loves pizza, but unfortunately it doesn’t bode well for him when he eats it. He asked me if I would make him one from scratch, and I was eager to find something suitable. I did find some gluten free dough recipes, but was really excited to find this Cauliflower Pizza recipe over at […]